Let’s Work Together

We understand the importance of continuing your legacy of caring for patients and their families. When you refer your patient to hospice care, you want to be sure they’re in good hands.


Our team collaborates with you and your staff to ensure a seamless handoff and maintenance of the same level of care throughout the transition to hospice. We value our relationships with physicians, hospitals, and support staff in providing the skilled and personalized hospice care services every patient deserves.

Why OC Hospice?

All of our team members are expertly trained at what they do, and each and every one of us are passionate about providing the best in compassionate care to our patients. We customize each patient’s care plan to combine the referring physician’s recommendations and the patient’s wishes — whatever is best for each patient is what they will receive from OC Hospice.

Benefits of Hospice

With a hospice care provider that addresses the whole person and whole family, and a hospice team that can handle the most complex situations around the clock, you can trust your patient will enjoy a better quality life and typically better overall outcomes with care provided wherever the patient calls home. Give your patients access to the resources that reflect how much you care.

Dedicated Liaison

When partnering with OC Hospice, you can expect to work one-on-one with an admissions counselor who will stay in touch with you and your staff throughout the patient’s hospice care journey. Through this relationship, your patient will be easily transitioned from primary care or specialized care to hospice care.

Ongoing Communication

As we work together, we will keep the line of communication open so you know how your patient is doing at all times. We can provide you with patient notes, patient status, the ability to oversee the patient while on hospice, and any information you need to ensure your patient is well cared for.


We will tailor the hospice care we provide to the care you are requesting. You have the choice to remain as the attending physician and partner with our medical director as the hospice physician, or to simply be notified of major changes.

Eligibility Guidelines

If you have a patient who’s ready for hospice, please download this checklist for eligible diagnoses or submit the referral contact form below.


Please call us anytime at (800) 658–5877 if you have any questions or would like to make a referral over the phone.

Refer a Patient

When you refer a patient to OC Hospice all information remains confidential and
we will follow up with the patient and your office, if requested within 24 hours.

If you are a healthcare provider who prefers to speak with us in person please call us anytime

Or submit the referral here:

    Ordering Physicians Name:

    Patients Info:


    * Following online or phone submission of patient referral - please fax Facesheet, H&P and hospice evaluation order to us at (714) 838-1567