"My husband has been on hospice at home for a while now, and it is comforting to know there's a team of such professional people I can rely on in a heartbeat. A nurse visits weekly and they are kind, competent, and knowledgeable, and they are always up to speed on any issues.  An infection was identified and treated very quickly, and when I called at 4am as my husband fell over and I couldn't help him up, I couldn't have been in better hands; I was put straight through to a nurse, who organized help to come immediately, and the follow-up was comprehensive. The responsiveness and the quiet caring provide a much needed bedrock at what is a very difficult time for both my husband and I."

Miranda M.


"The best hospice group all around! Pastor Mark Fitter is caring and compassionate - our loved one passed with dignity and grace. They are responsive and nurses are available when needed. Our family is forever Grateful for OC Hospice."

Iggy I.

"So far so good. Very professional, communicative, and seem to have my grandmothers interest in mind at all times. Doesn't seem like a place in it for the money at all. The Lvn Elaine is so patient and sweet with my grandmother. Social worker and RN schedule meetings to give the best care and they constantly update our family. I highly recommend them."

Marlo P.


"Really like this Hospice Group - it's not easy to know who to turn to when your love ones are at the end of their lives. We are glad we were referred to OC Hospice - we didn't know one hospice from another one, but the care and kindness of the nursing staff and doctor made a huge difference in this transition of life of our love one.  Thank you OC Hospice!"

Jen N.


"OC Hospice cared for my grandfather in the last week of his life and provided excellent care. They were attentive, efficient, kind and compassionate. We were fortunate in that he passed away quickly and without suffering, and OC Hospice helped our family get through that last week when he needed more help than we were able to provide. They found a priest on very short notice when requested and the social worker, Stephanie, was immensely helpful and supportive even after he passed away. I would choose them again if another family member were to need hospice, they truly are the best."

Marissa C.


"OC Hospice made our life so much more bearable during the final week that our mother was alive.  All the staff were more than professional, including the "On Call" individuals.  They showed a lot of compassion and care during her final hours which allowed us, as a family, to gather by her side and concentrate on her. We would like to give a special thank you to Sarah.

What we did not initially realize was that we had a choice regarding the hospice company chosen.  We assumed with an HMO that we needed to stay within the HMO for hospice care. They did not tell us otherwise.  We are thankful that we heard about OCHospice and did not need to go with the one the hospital recommended."

Brandon O.